Formerly known as Youth for A Better Earth, YABE was established in 2012 as a support group for simple environmental advocacy initiated by student and youth leaders of Mandaue City. The group led the production of improvised rain catchers in Subangdaku, Mandaue City and organized enhancement seminars to youths through the support of Young Minds Academy of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. In our second generation campaign, YABE has blossomed into a campaigning community organization serving causes with partner NGOs and movements. The organization is one of the recipients of the First YMA Alumni Engagement Award in 2015. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, education is among the aspects of our lives affected by the health crisis. While some can easily go for undisrupted learning, there are people who might be disenfranchised in continuing their right to education. The dominant paradigm of education is being tested with its flexibility. Educators are challenged to be resilient and deal with uncertainty using real-life skills such as creative problem solving and adaptability. In this regard, our campaigning community is relaunched with a revised name as Youth for A Better Education to emphasize a redirection of our mission towards education development.

YABE is a support and campaigning organization that commits to Sustainable Development Goals, especially the fourth goal which is Quality Education. With that, we advocate for education development in formal and non-formal education sectors.

YABE.CLUB is a community of educators dedicated to education development. As a community, we strongly advocate for open access to educational content such as research articles and aims to facilitate collaboration among educators like sharing best practices and knowledge for the betterment of learning institutions and the development of teachers professionally in the area of teaching, learning, and collaborative research. Under this community is the “KinaBOOKasan Project“, a collaborative initiative among member educators, schools, and organizations to donate books to the ones who need them.

YABE will also be launching a campaign for the non-formal education development called “Education Beyond Classroom”, a project of the third generation of volunteers. For information about this campaign, please contact us or become a volunteer.

To become a member of YABE.CLUB or a volunteer to YABE, please sign up. Membership and volunteer registration to the organization are free.