Reflection: Lessons Learned in Doing a Thesis

Writing a thesis can be a daunting task for anyone. But after all the struggles, it can be a rewarding piece of work. A thesis topic can be something that is within your interests that you can personally and professionally connect with. You can initially plan it into something else but can end up as a different beast. Towards writing my thesis, I had to sacrifice things, deal with rejections, embrace feedback, change perspectives, and above all, learn new lessons. Below are some lessons that I have learned in writing a thesis.

1. Start sooner

Like coming up with a blog post, the hardest part is to begin writing, but starting sooner is the panacea for all my difficulties in writing a thesis. There can be many things that can happen along the way. In the last week of September 2020, my laptop was no longer working. I was lucky to have an old laptop, but I could not multitask with it at the level that I needed. Few weeks into my defense date, finalizing my thesis was very challenging that I thought of giving up. With my old laptop, at least rewriting was possible enough to keep going, but still found it to be consistently hard because of the overwhelming tasks that were suggested to me.

2. Ask help from experts

Writing a thesis is an undertaking in which you might need to ask for help from experts. I became too confident that I could treat and analyze the data on my own as I am familiar with basic statistical tools. But there were more things involved in which tapping a more knowledgeable expert is a smarter move. I ended up having a lot of questions to ask. Rewriting is a big part of finishing the thesis and inputs from experts can provide valuable insights to your final work. Tapping the right people earlier could make the rewriting process a lot easier. These people can include members of your panel. They can help you widen the view of many things in the process. I realized that there are more rooms for improvement and lessons to take note of.

3. Turn rejections into learning opportunities

When one closes its door for a meaningful partnership, ask questions and you will surely learn. Between politics and ethics, there are learning insights. Anyhow, the world is a big place. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I had found an open door that is understanding. When I started my thesis, I had got the right support. But along the way, there were several rejections that I had to face and deal with. Every rejection presents a learning opportunity that can help you understand this complex world. In fact, rejections were very enlightening about my role towards my own self-development. If you wanted to pursue something, everything is all up to you no matter what the circumstances are.

4. Focus on most important priorities

It is okay to take a break from other things and focus on the most important priorities. Though, this can have some consequences. If you can manage your time very well, congratulations you are worthy to be emulated. But when your circumstances are difficult, you have to be real on yourself which priorities matter more. You do not have to be competitive all the time, you just need to be honest with yourself.

Writing a thesis is an amazing experience because it can help you develop an interest in research. The four lessons above are just some realizations to help you succeed and finish what you have started. The most exciting part is when you use your findings and conclusions to assert, support, or negate previous studies and claims contributing to the body of knowledge that is constantly updated and challenged by the human race – the human knowledge.

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