Parts of DLP Learning Activity Sheets

As public schools are about to open, the Department of Education Learning Continuity Plan (DepEd LCP) will be in full swing. In this new mode of education delivery, activity sheets will be a familiar feature of the modular learning modality. Some parents are going to be actively involved in the schooling of their children. While there will be modules to be provided, some parents may still want to provide more activity sheets for their children. In this article, I’ll provide some ways on how parents can use activity sheets based on the Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) which is an approach in implementing a curriculum. This approach is developed by Ramon Magsaysay Awardees and physicists, Dr. Chris Bernido and Dr. M. Victoria Carpio-Bernido.

If there’s one non-negotiable feature of the Dynamic Learning Program, it would be the Learning Activity Sheets. With their popularity among pragmatic educators, they can now come in many forms. But what is important to remember is that there are three basic parts of DLP activity sheets.

I. Basic Information

This is where students fill out basic information such as their personal information, their grade level, date, the subject, and the type of activity. In this part, students need to write the activity title and the learning target which is the most important part. Since some learning resources are adopted, students need to write the resources especially if they’re coming up with concept note.

II. Concept Notes/ Digest

In this part, students need to write, read, and study the bite-sized lesson given by the teacher. The content of the illustration below should be written by the students. They normally write when the teacher is having or before a discussion. But during this remote learning, students can write from sources given to them. The contents that can be found in this part are the basic ideas/concepts needed to be learned by the students. There should be a series of examples before attempting to provide the activity on the next part. In the illustration below, there are examples but were not captured in the screenshot.

III. Exercises

Lastly, there should be an assessment of learning about whether students learn the concepts/ideas and from different examples. We can do this through the exercises. The same thing in the “Concept Notes/ Digest”, students need to write this on the Learning Activity Sheets.

If you’re a parent and wanted to provide more practice sheets to your children, take a look at the Learning Activity Sheets based on the Dynamic Learning Program. Just take note that under this approach, students need to write by principle anchored on the philosophy of pragmatism where “Learning by Doing” is one of the tenets.

If you need a format of the Learning Activity Sheets, you may download the files below:

What do you think of the Learning Activity Sheets of the Dynamic Learning Program?

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